Over the years NFL games in Australia have been becoming more and more popular locally. With the advent of the internet and great online betting functionality, its now easier than ever to watch and bet on these games from the comfort of your home in any Australian city. There has never been an easier way to catch up with your favorite American team, stay informed, and make money during the process.

NFL Preseason Online Betting

For you Australian NFL fans out there, the start of the preseason schedule definitely couldn’t have come any sooner. With 11 nationally televised games and more than 4 straight weeks of NFL football, the online sportsbooks have quickly become a hot spot as fans anxiously await what will be a good showing of what is to be expected over the upcoming season. Luckily, it is extremely easy these days for Australians to get in on the action as well with a host of incredible feature rich, interactive betting sites that put you on the 50-yard line without leaving Sydney.

When it comes to betting on NFL football, time is always of the essence. The seasons short and there isn’t always as much time as you would like to brush up on your knowledge of the teams and work out your betting strategies. The good news is that these preseason games pose the perfect opportunity for Aussies to get a head start on the season. It’s the great way to start feeling out the teams and figuring out who the favourites will most likely be. It’s also always a great indication of how your favorite players are looking for the upcoming season. Not to mention the odds being offered during the preseason are always quite enticing. This is the reason that all Aussies awaiting the upcoming season should stop waiting and get in on the always incredible preseason NFL games.

The only thing that you should be keeping in mind is that all fans of the NFL know some coaches simply do not care about winning in the off-season. So if you plan on studying how the coaches are dictating the outcomes of the games, the preseason might not be the best place to do so. The fact of the matter is the preseason is not always a great representation of coaching strategies that will be implemented throughout the upcoming season. However this also poses a great opportunity for Aussies to get in on some of the underdog action.

NFL Teams Hesitate to Sign Controversial Players

It wasn’t long after star NFL quarterback Michael Vick was involved in charges with the American federal government resulting in jail time that the Atlanta Falcons released the former star player. Nowadays, Vick is a officially a free man but wont have as easy of time finding a new home within the NFL like many had thought. Once a player that many Australian fans loved, counted on to win the game and cover the spread, is now looked at by the fans and gamblers alike as being unpredictable and just plain old less entertaining. Although once a former pro bowler and role model for kids worldwide, many teams are hesitant to take a risk on signing the obviously controversy injected player despite his numbers.

All of this comes as quite a shock to some Australian fans of the New England Patriots as it has been heavily rumored that they might be Vicks new home. However the chances of this coming to fruition is less than likely as representatives for the franchise have already denied the rumors as being a possibility. One thing is for sure; Vick won’t be playing in this upcoming preseason.

NFL Puts a Stop to Twitter

With the advent of the internet and all of the betting and sports sites available to the Aussies and the rest of the world online, its no wonder twitter trend is no exception within the National Football League. With Twitter becoming more and more a household name and everyday networking tool, players have begun twittering everything from their emotions to their thoughts during games. While some though that the idea was interesting and added a special dynamic to the game, others are not having any of it has the NFL officially announces it will not allow players to use twitter during games. If you planned on getting hot betting odds or tips from players tweeting during the game, think again. However, this hasn’t stopped avid gamblers and Australian NFL fans from utilizing twitter for insider information. Getting info in this manner straight from the mouths of the players can be invaluable. Some players have even begun informing fans of injuries and their thoughts on games through twitter which can certainly be used and effectively applied to your betting strategies.


When it comes to betting on NFL games from Australia it’s important, as it is with any sport, to keep up with what is happening during the season. Having a great understanding of the benefits of the preseason can be extremely beneficial when it comes time to work out your betting strategy. The good news is that with all the advent of online applications and their integration into the sports world, it’s so easy to stay on top of the current news and apply them to your betting. In the NFL where the seasons are so short and things can change so rapidly, it’s so important to get up to date current information before placing wagers.